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Social Media marketing is like a first date.

If you only talk about yourself, there won't be a second one.

If you want to reach the target with creative works and various marketing techniques that reach their target, call us.

Social Media Marketing Services

Getting noticed and remembered by the right people is a delicate art. It takes a deep understanding of your audience, an eye for design and compelling content to see targeted results.

Community Growth

Subscribed Audience
Social media consultants engage with your target audience by leveraging innovative insights and targeted content, growing its subscribed audience daily.

Social PR

Influencer Marketing

In contrast to traditional advertising, social media marketing via influencers is part of your potential customer’s daily life, providing immediate validation of your brand and exposure to an existing curated audience.

Analytics & Insights

Measurable ROI
A clear view of who is currently viewing your content, your competitors content and where your future customers transact online is crucial for effective targeting and return on investment.

Content Marketing

Evoking Emotion
A social first, content creation agency creating shareable and emotion-evoking content. Award winning campaigns define our client’s continued success, with consistent premium content creation.

FAQ. Social Media

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If you have any other questions besides the questions on the side, please contact us.
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Design Studio Bodrum is a design and advertising agency serving all regions with its Bodrum center.

Design Studio Bodrum works with all major marketing platforms. Different platforms can be used to target different types of customers for each project. Actively used social media channels are Instgaram, facebook, linkedin and youtube.
There is no standard tariff that we apply when determining the fee. A separate roadmap is drawn for each company in line with their needs and a price offer is prepared accordingly.
Of course, you can manage your social media yourself. But your company should focus on the field of activity. Our management of your social media accounts according to your company profile ensures that your ads continue actively while focusing on your own business.

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